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Kaitlin holland's

Styling 101

You feel confident in your knowledge of styling...kind of. You know your way around a flat lay...maybe? You are seeing progress in your work but you still feel...stuck. You know those next level stylists? The ones who seem to have this whole styling thing figured out? Guess what every single one of them has? A strong foundation. Have you heard the saying you can't build a house on sand? Yeah, well that applies to design, too. You can practice and create, but until you have a solid foundation to build from you won't be able to reach your full potential and level up your styling game. With a technical art background and years of experience teaching creatives the core styling principles, I'm so excited to now bring this curriculum to you!

 Photo by  Love, The Nelsons 

In this pre-recorded class you will learn...

  • How to determine your styling goals and set yourself up for success.
  • The building blocks of design: what they are, how to apply them, and why it matters. 
  • My step-by-step process for styling a flat lay (demo included).
  • Process evaluation: what does and doesn't work and how to make a flat lay stronger.
  • Photo editing tips to make your compositions shine.


  • Built-in practice session with composition challenges for you to complete during the class.
  • A customized action plan for your styling practice and execution.
  • A printable workbook to accompany the class.
  • Lifetime access to the recording.