Raleigh, North Carolina

 AUGUST 4 - 6, 2014


"Being in a setting with a group of talented, determined, and creative women was refreshing and invigorating! It has given me additional drive and energy to push ahead in my own endeavors, and to not be afraid to take big risks!" - Leah

"It felt so good to learn, be challenged, encouraged, make new friends, and to come away with a new confidence." - Tiffany

"For me, the best part of it all was being in a space with other creative women who were determined to live a little differently than most women. These women, from all walks of life, had decided, in spite of circumstances and personal fears, to step out of the norm and pursue their creativity in a way that would bring beauty to the world."      - Bekah


Below you will find the beautiful arrangements and tabletop designs created by our Raleigh attendees and photographed by Emily March Photography