Nashville, TN

March 8-10, 2016


"My experience filled me with overwhelming joy. To freely sit in a lovely, detailed, carefully crafted space for three days and just soak in wise content was incredible. And then to be able to listen and encourage other women or vise versa with no pressure to be anyone but myself was so refreshing." - Hannah

"My favorite part of TSOS Nashville was being together as a group in a beautiful, inspiring environment and learning from other women! It was incredible. Well worth the investment, not only for your business but for yourself." - Janie

"TSOS was eye-opening. I'd recommend TSOS to anyone looking to start a new business and make friends in the creative world, or anyone who is looking to breathe new life into what they're currently doing."  - Christina


The following student work was captured beautifully by Shalyn of  Love, The Nelsons!