We understand you're working hard to intentionally grow your business, and we'd love to help! Do you have a product or service you'd like us to help you promote? Our audience is engaging and we love putting new relevant business in front of them.

Sponsored Instagram Post

It's no secret, we love Instagram. As creatives, beautiful images speak to our heart! We have grown our following to over 70K. We'd love to partner with you to put your product/service in front of our audience! With a sponsored Instagram post, we will work with you to maximize your exposure and highlight your product.

Sponsored Giveaway Post

Do you have a product/service you'd like to give away? We are happy to help design and promote a giveaway campaign for your business. 

Sponsored Instagram Campaign

Similar to the sponsored Instagram post, we will work with you to get your products/services creatively in front of our audience. With the campaign, you'll get 2+ posts along with a campaign plan outlined strategically by the TSOS staff. This is a great option if you have an upcoming launch or event that you want to create buzz for!


Interested in putting your product or service in front of industry leaders and up and comers? We love partnering with creative and heartfelt brands to elevate our attendee experience at our workshops. We believe it's an enriching experience for all! Not only do we promote your products at our in-person events, but you'll also receive images and social media coverage. Interested in learning more about how you can contribute to an upcoming event? Contact us below to receive our Sponsorship Kit!


*The TSOS staff carefully reviews every request we receive, however, we only partner with brands and businesses we feel are a natural fit for our audience. We take our audience's trust seriously and we strive to serve them well. By being intentional with our choices, we protect both the business inquiring, our audience, + TSOS staff from disappointment and can ensure a successful campaign.


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