Charleston, South Carolina

AUGUST 3 - 5, 2014


"The School of Styling provides a safe space to learn, grow, and share with your community. What makes The School of Styling different from other workshops is that you not only learn how to style but you learn why something works. Additionally, the staff and speakers are on hand to assist and encourage you through the process. For me, this was hands down the best workshop I have attended to date in no small part to the thoughtful details woven into the workshop by Kaitlin." - Tracy Hyde


"TSOS in Raleigh & TSOS in Charleston couldn't have come at better times for me. In 2014, I had just made the decision to take the leap of faith to start my own business. And this year, while I wasn't exactly where I thought I'd be in terms of having the business built, it was a much welcomed break from working on getting things off the ground. (I also had some tough disappointment the week before heading to Charleston & getting away from the office turned out to be just what I needed!) 


"The School of Styling was a wonderful hands on learning experience. I feel like I learned from the best in the field! I kept having one AHA moment after the other. I started applying what I learned as soon as I came back home. I think it is the best course I have taken and would love to do it again. " - Anamaria Durón

The following student work was captured by Sawyer Baird (with some bridal portraits by Corbin GurkinPerry Vaile, and Jodi Miller).