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We are excited to introduce Dominique Broadway! She will be leading "Managing Your Money as an Entrepreneur" in our Creative Business Crash Course and has a few tips to share with you today. Dominique has a passion for helping creatives and small business owners as a financial planner and we have already learned so much from her - we know you will benefit as well! 

The Importance of Investing in Your Business

You have finally started your dream business! The website is up, the business cards have arrived and your client list is steadily increasing. This is obviously a scenario of a perfect situation. However for some people the issue that they battle with is getting clients or increasing sales. And even when you are seeing sales and obtaining the clients you desire, we are always looking for ways to grow our businesses even more.

Investing in your business is the best way to see growth in your audience, clients and eventually sales. However, rather frequently, entrepreneurs are scared to invest in their business as they feel as though they can’t afford it or are too scared that the money will be wasted and not lead to the results they desire.

Here are a few low cost ways you can invest in your business to see tremendous growth:

Business Coach

For some entrepreneurs, having that one person to keep them accountable, bounce ideas off of and strategize with, can be the one factor that keeps their business alive and forces them to consistently take action. If you feel you are struggling in business and need someone to stay on top of you to get things done, investing in a business coach may be the way to go.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have helped tons of business get directly in front of their target audience, leading to substantial increases in sales. Take some time and determine if you can locate your target market via ads to promote your best product and services. This is a great way to be proactive in your online marketing.

Outsourcing Tasks

Although many of us like to think we can, we cannot do everything by ourselves! Hire someone to help with the tasks that are not generating money or are too time consuming, so that you can focus on tasks that will lead to growth in your business. Take some time today and make a list of the tasks that you would feel comfortable outsourcing so you can begin to focus on bigger things.


You may have heard the old saying, “the more you know the more you earn.” As an entrepreneur, you should never stop learning! The business landscape is constantly changing and you need to stay on top of the latest advancements in your industry to keep you competitive and potentially expand your service or product offerings.


Instagram / Website




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