The tsos team is growing!


The School of Styling team is growing, and we are sharing a little bit about our community manager, Logan! She attended #TSOSTexas back in 2017, but has been a huge fan of our brand long before that! Her business, Logan Doerries Design, supports creative businesses and helps them grow through social media marketing, styled shoots, and branding! She also co-owns an all inclusive elopement company in one of the most popular wedding destination cities, New Orleans! You will see Logan around helping with #BTS of our schools, posting on social media, and providing support within our online community!

Name | Logan Doerries

Age | 28

Company |  Logan Doerries Design; Pop of Love New Orleans; The School of Styling

Years in Business | Two

Education | Bachelor of Arts from Louisiana State University, majored in Communication Studies with a minor in Leadership Development  

What was your first job out of college?

My first job was with the American Cancer Society planning fundraisers. It was such great experience meeting so many wonderful volunteers who dedicated their free time to helping with the organization, and I realized then how important it was to serve your community. This job also taught me so much about being able to plan a great event with a small budget.


How did you get from your degree to what you are doing now?

A series of really fortunate events! I graduated in such a broad field, I wasn't totally sure what my path would be. I had always been passionate about event planning, community and bringing people together, I just didn't think I would be able to create a business that tied all of those details together. I majored in communication studies, and one of my professors once told my class that as communications students we should be able to listen to others' needs, and figure out what they need before they do. I strive to do exactly that in my business, as I realized most of my clients are managing every aspect of their business, its hard to see the big picture when you're caught up in the every day hustle. My biggest goal is to gain a better of understanding of my clients' needs, and cheer them on to grow in ways I know they can! That is why the TSOS community is so impactful, considering we have hundreds of women constantly cheering each other on and helping each other chase after their BIG goals - it is so inspiring! 


What is a piece of advice you can give to others' building their business?

Can I give two pieces? Ha!

1. Never be afraid to go after a project or collaboration that is too "big" for you. Being a part of TSOS has been such an incredible blessing that I never even considered possible! I had been such a fan for years, and really loved the consistency and aesthetic that TSOS produced. At that point in my business, I was feeling so directionless with no clear goals. Attending The School of Styling totally reset my mentality. I changed things completely and worked so hard to get where I am now, but I would have never imagined I would be able to join the team one day. Always remember the work your doing is so valuable, and there is a client out there for everyone.

2. Invest in yourself! When you are just starting out, it seems very scary to spend a ton of your (usually very small) income right out of the gate, however, it is SO important! You can try to learn everything on your own, or you can attend a conference to hear from some of the industry's best on what has worked for them. The inspiration alone is totally worth it! And, trust me,  you will still be able to get some of those "trial and error" lessons all on your own. ;)  


What is the hardest part of being an entrepreneur? The best?

The hardest part for me is the self doubt. I get super excited about projects and catch myself asking, "ok, but can you really do this?!" I miss the daily interactions of having coworkers to run projects and ideas by, but that is why I am so passionate about cheering on other entrepreneurs. We are technically "all in this together" even if we all work by ourselves (on our sofas, in our yoga pants!) The best part (well, in addition to the yoga pants!) is the collaborations. I love working with other vendors I love and admire, and seeing an incredible project come to fruition from all of our creativity - it is such an awesome feeling!


Have you had one project or shoot in particular that you absolutely loved?

One of my current clients is the venue that my husband and I got married in, and they asked me to style a shoot for their website. I got to bring on several of my very own wedding vendors, and I so enjoyed getting to spend the day in such a meaningful place with some of my favorite people. The shoot was featured in Style Me Pretty - which I poured through for inspiration while planning my own wedding. It definitely felt like coming full circle, and one of my favorite styling projects  to date! Definitely one of my top moments as a business owner. 


What are your goals or dreams for yourself or your business?

Whew, thats a tough one! I guess I can say that if I have learned anything in my journey through being a business owner, it is that anything is possible. My goal is to keep reminding myself that when things seem too hard or overwhelming. In addition to that - planning an elopement in Italy is definitely on that list! 

For fun: 

Currently listening to: Vitamin String Quartet / totally obsessed with their renditions of popular songs. Plus, their versions help me stay focused, since I don't get distracted by trying to sing along. 

Recently bought: Finally broke down and treated myself to some Hunter rain boots. Summers in New Orleans are famous for afternoon thunderstorms, so I figured it was a good time to make the investment! 

Currently planning a trip to: Canada! My husband is going to be traveling there for a conference, so I am tagging along... (another perk of being an entrepreneur - getting to work from anywhere!)