Photo: Love, the Nelsons + Styling: Kaitlin Holland + Invitation: Simply Jessica Marie 

Photo: Love, the Nelsons + Styling: Kaitlin Holland + Invitation: Simply Jessica Marie 

Flat styling is definitely an art, which means it takes practice. At the Summer Bash (tickets available today!) I will be revealing a couple tips to help ensure a beautifully styled flat, which is just a glimpse of the session I will teach at TSOS Chapel Hill this fall! 

Today, I'm sharing three tips for styling a strong, beautiful flat. 

Tip #1: Let the pieces direct you. 

Rather than forcing a preconceived plan on your flat, allow yourself to be creative and take a cue from the products and pieces you're working with! What might be a great approach with an invitation suite might not work as well when styling food. Look at the lines, shapes, colors, and textures of the pieces you're working with and then trust your eye! You will naturally be drawn to certain arrangements and elements based on your design eye and preferences (which we will dive into more in Chapel Hill!). 

Tip #2: Pay attention to tone and color.

We will talk more about working with colors and tone at the Summer Bash and Chapel Hill, but pay attention to how your color and tone are interacting. Does one side or portion of your flat feel weighted down compared to other areas? Is one portion heavy with a specific color? Is this intentional or accidental? Squinting your eyes to look at the tones rather than colors is also a helpful trick when trying to balance your palette! 

Tip #3: Practice, practice, practice!

I can never say this enough to the people I coach - if you aren't practicing you will not see improvement! At the Summer Bash you'll receive even more insight you can begin to put into practice and at Chapel Hill I'll be sharing all of my knowledge! But whether or not you have additional training, you have to practice styling flats in order to develop your personal aesthetic and voice and strengthen your design eye. 

Happy styling, friends! I hope to see you at the Summer Bash + TSOS Chapel Hill!