Happy Tuesday, readers!  I’m so excited to bring you this month’s cake inspiration!

 I don’t know about you, but I feel as though a huge weight has finally been lifted.  The blustery winds of April have dissipated, and it seems like everything bloomed overnight!  I walked outside last week and was in complete awe.  Magnolias, rhododendrons, and lilacs have erupted in a burst of pink and purple across the city!  And the parks are packed with throngs of people desperate for some warm sunshine on their bare shoulders.

 The warm, sticky air has me dreaming of the beach, which ties in perfectly with this month’s paradise-inspired cake.  Exotic tropical fruits are at their peak this time of year, so I whipped up a triple coconut cake with coconut milk, coconut oil, and teeny coconut flakes to yield an unmistakable flavor.  The filling is fresh, puréed mango, and it’s stacked with layers of nutty coconut meringue buttercream.  To add a little crunch and a gorgeous texture, I covered the entire exterior with oversized coconut chips.  I just love how the velvety flakes flare out from the surface like feathers.

I wanted the look to be bold and bright, so I decorated the cake with exotic protea, lilies, broad leaves, and even a fresh coconut!  I had so much fun decorating, especially when it came to figuring out how to crack open the shell (thanks, YouTube)!  But the best part of this shoot was that I got to make new friends in the Boston stylist community!  Huge thanks go to Ruth of Ruth Eileen Photography and Erin of Forêt Design Studio, as well as the other invaluable helping hands, for making my cake dreams come true this month.  I can’t wait to work with you again!

I hope you all enjoy this slice of paradise, and be sure to check out the fantastically talented women mentioned above.  Now please go outside and enjoy this glorious spring!

 xo Helena

Cake Design by Heritage Organic Cakes /  Photography by Ruth Eileen Photography / Florals by Forêt Design Studio