TSOS Texas: Day Three


It's the final recap day! It has been so fun reliving this amazing week with y'all. The photos are gorgeous (big thank you to Ally & Bobby Photography), but you can only capture a fraction of what took place in learning and growth and friendships on camera. 

I wanted the gifts to be super intentional, and I was so thrilled when Erin Loechner, author of Chasing Slow, agreed to send copies of her book for our attendees! Such an amazing read and I highly recommend it. We topped the book with a custom print of One Eleven East by Nib & Pixel - do you love it as much as I do?

On the third day we always start the morning off right - mimosas, hair and makeup, and headshots! LoLa Beauty in Austin pampered our ladies while they sipped mimosas. Perry Vaile then captured beautiful headshots (those are coming your way tomorrow!). 

We had some amazing and engaging sessions in the afternoon. SO much learning and growth occurred!! 

We finished off the afternoon with a brush calligraphy class taught by Alexa Behar of Sage Paper Co. It was so relaxing and the perfect creative exercise to end the week with! 

The final dinner is such a special time. It's when we can unwind, have those final conversations of the week, and enjoy being together over a good meal. The beautiful linens were provided by La Tavola, the place cards were made by Sage Paper Co., and the furniture rentals were from Roost & Co Decor. The arrangements were the attendees' - how gorgeous, right?!

We were so grateful to have Oh Happy Day Booth there to capture fun shots of everyone! The ladies loved picking out their Kendra Scott pieces at the end of the night, too.

It's always SO hard to say goodbye, but in the same vain there is an excitement about the future. In a sense everyone is excited to get back and implement what they've learned from the week. I love these ladies with all of my heart and I'm so grateful for our time together!

In case you missed it, see day one here and day two here. Tomorrow, I'll be sharing images of the student work created at TSOS Texas!

Photography by Ally & Bobby Photography


TSOS Texas: Day Two


Day two is always, always one of my favorite days of the workshop! It's the day we do centerpiece design and tabletop styling, and TSOS Texas' second day was extra special because it was also our Magnolia excursion! 

Sweet Meredith of Bristol Lane taught our attendees how to design gorgeous centerpieces. With a cup of coffee in hand, it was the perfect start to the warm, foggy Texas morning. 

We were all just a liiiiitle bit obsessed with the linen banners Quinn Luu made for the week. I think my favorite was the "I must have flowers always and always" banner she made for us to hang by the flowers. Perfection, right?

The morning wouldn't have been complete without a few treats, and I am so grateful for Alyssa Thiel of PCB Home for the totes, Sage Paper Co for the custom name tags, and Brittany Branson of By Brittany Branson for the mini peony paintings!

Working with mediums outside of our comfort zone is GOOD for us creatively. It allows us to explore new elements of design, have a little fun, and maybe even pick up a new relaxing hobby! I graduated with an art degree, so it's crucial to me that we explore new forms of creating while we are together at our schools.

After creating centerpieces, Chanel Dror of Camille Styles came to teach a tabletop styling session. We do this hands-on session every workshop, but it's so fun to see the different approaches each speaker takes! I love how Chanel gave amazing insight into the editorial world. It was so fascinating and excited our attendees!

With Chanel's tips and knowledge at hand, our attendees chose pieces to style with. La Tavola provided an abundance of beautiful linens for us. The velvet linen (from their new collection) that Chanel is styling on is so luxurious! 

Attendees were able to choose between our three special break out speakers: Meredith Harper of Bristol Lane, Mica May of May Designs, and Katie Kime (former TSOS attendee!) of Katie Kime. What I love about these sessions is how intimate they are. I always tell speakers to prep some talking points, but to expect more of a discussion. It's such a great time for people to ask questions and learn from a few successful businesswomen! 

And just like that, we were on our way to the magical land of Magnolia Market. But really - it's as amazing as you'd think. At every turn Chip and Joanna have created a carefully curated experience for those visiting. Well worth the afternoon trip! 

Here's a full list of our day two sponsors: Sage Paper Co, By Brittany Branson, PCB Home, La Tavola, Quinn Luu Creative Studio, Roost & Co Decor, and Bristol Lane.

If you missed it, catch day one's recap here. Tomorrow we will be sharing all of the beautiful photos from our final day!

Photography by Ally & Bobby Photography


TSOS Texas: Day One


Writing these recaps is always so dang hard. When you have more than one attendee approach you at the end of a workshop to tell you through tears that the week was "life changing," it puts a little pressure on sharing the story of the week!

If you've been around here for a while, you probably know the drill of what we do. The timeline looks similar from workshop to workshop, but the content and the women who fill the four walls are extremely unique every school. 

Instead of just telling you what we did, I want to pull back the veil and tell you why we do it. Everything - and I mean everything - at The School of Styling is intentional and carefully chosen. So, let's peek inside TSOS Texas at One Eleven East :)

First, I can't go a minute longer without mentioning our amazing sponsors. They make each TSOS experience what it is. I'll sprinkle shout outs throughout these blog posts and on social media, and next week I'll do a full blown sponsor highlight, but I want to go ahead and give a BIG thank you to our day one sponsors: Adorn Company, Ally & Bobby Photography, Belvoir USA, Bristol Lane, Cosmedicine, For the Host, La Tavola, Lucky Lab Coffee Co, May Designs, Plum Pretty Sugar, Quinn Luu Creative Studio, Roost & Co Decor, Sage Paper Co, She Plus Him Bartending, Ten Acre Paper Co, and Verde Studio.

The TSOS classroom design is one of my favorite parts to plan! It's so fun creating an inspiring and beautiful setting for the week. My goal is to create a space that makes each attendee feel so special and spoiled. Judging by their reactions when they saw the space, I'd say we accomplished just that.

How gorgeous are all of the pieces from Roost & Co? What's so fun is that Blaire, owner of Roost & Co, was an attendee at TSOS Chapel Hill! I love getting to work with past attendees. I'm also kind of obsessed with all of La Tavola's linens and Bristol Lane's beautiful florals. Absolutely transformative for this space.

I think one of my favorite custom pieces at TSOS Texas was the beautiful bar! Roost & Co had removable bar fronts, so Alexa of Sage Paper Co created a large version of the custom pattern from the invitation that was then printed on vinyl! 

Nerves are always a little high when we meet new people! Because of that, I tried to loosen us up right off the bat. During my intro talk, I had everyone share the biggest fear or lie they are believing about themselves going into the week. Maybe they don't feel worthy or good enough or they are worried they will be judged by their work. Whatever they were afraid of or self conscious about, I didn't want that to be the thing that held them back from fully investing this week! 

I carefully choose the speakers. The women who spoke at TSOS Texas are all amazing business women, yes, but they are the real deal in their personal life, too. These ladies are kind and the best cheerleaders for our attendees. True open books and I'm so thankful for their generous hearts!

After a few great sessions, our attendees got a nice little caffeinated treat from Lucky Lab Coffee :) Thanks, ladies, for treating our attendees!

I always include a hands-on styling session day one. It not only helps loosen everyone up to move and create, but it sets the tone for the week - a little classroom learning, a little hands-on creating. After discussing the fundamentals of design and doing a quick demo, I set the attendees free to style their own Sage Paper Co suite! (How beautiful are the Adorn Company ribbons and Verde Studio stamps our attendees styled with?)

The cocktail party is another one of my favorite parts of the week! After many workshops, I have created a schedule that cohesively builds on itself throughout the week. Eating good food, drinking yummy drinks (especially the Prickly Peach Margs She Plus Him Bartending made for us!), and having time to chat with new friends is just the momentum we needed going into the rest of the week. Did I mention speed dating? (It's not creepy, promise.) We give the ladies a fun question and one minute to discuss with another attendee before moving on to talking to the next! It's the best (and least awkward) ice breaker I've found! My hope is that people will find connections - even if they are small! - with other attendees that they can come back to throughout the week. 

I love to sprinkle unexpected surprises and gifts in throughout the workshop. Our attendees are loved and we want them to know it! We gifted them Cosmedicine moisturizer and Plum Pretty Sugar eye masks. Great reminder for self care!

Thank you for reading about our first day at TSOS Texas! Day two and three are coming this week, with a full sponsor highlight next week!

Photography: Ally & Bobby Photography