About the School of Styling


We’re a community for creative individuals looking to deepen their knowledge of business and gain experience styling, no matter their profession. Our goal is to teach and equip new and established wedding and event stylists, interior designers, photographers, bloggers, prop stylists, and business owners how to design and style a space, event, or photo shoot creatively. Whether you attend one of our schools or simply stop by our blog, we hope you leave feeling educated, inspired, and ready to create something beautiful!

Our schools are for anyone looking to learn the basics of styling and business. Whether you have been in business for 10+ years and want a refresher, or you are just getting started, this is the course for you! You will get to learn new skills all while being challenged to get back to the core of your business. You don't have to consider yourself a stylist to attend, you just have to come with a desire to grow and learn!