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Florida Room Inspiration


A couple months ago I was approached to create a Florida Room inspiration post for the blog. Being a huge ocean girl myself, I was so excited for the challenge and opportunity! There's nothing like a quiet day by the water under a warm sun. Because we don't all have the luxury of living beside the sea, a Florida Room is the perfect way to incorporate those peaceful vibes in your home! 

A few tips to remember when creating your Florida Room:

Think about your favorite aspects of the sea and incorporate that into your home!

For me, it's how peaceful the ocean makes me feel. So I chose a softer color palette incorporating lots of blue, grey, and linen tones. I also love the warmth of the sun and the vibrancy of the colors, so I incorporated some pieces with contrast and color like the throw pillows and artwork.

Use texture!

One of the best things about a Florida Room is how seamlessly you can incorporate multiple surfaces and textures. I chose a natural end table, a rustic light fixture, an ornate wallpaper, a weathered side chair, a structured sofa, and a vintage rug. While each piece tells it's own story, they blend perfectly in this Florida Room.

Repeat patterns and motifs. 

Layering patterns is one easy way to create depth and visual interest in your room. By mimicking similar patterns and motifs throughout the whole design, you can create a cohesive yet varying look. I chose to repeat the stripes in the rug, pillows, and even in the woven basket, while the art print brings in both the palm and the intricate design on the wallpaper. 

I'd love to hear what you would include in your dream Florida Room! Here's a list of all of the sources pictured above: woven basket, ocean painting, art print, wallpaper, mirror, faux palm, chair, sofa, rug, guava pillow, indigo pillow, navy pillow, end table, light fixture

If you're looking for more inspiration on ways to give your house a coastal feel, check out some of these Florida homes!





Dear Creative,

We cannot believe the Summer Bash is only a week away. We have been dreaming and planning this up for months and have slowly watched, what began as a rough idea, come to fruition in the most beautiful way. Long car rides are usually productive times for us, as we think of way for TSOS to grow and evolve, and The Summer Bash came about during one of these rides. What we saw was a group of super talented and experienced Creatives, pulling their skills and resources together, to create an evening for you. This event could not be possible without the dozens of people who pitched in, believed in our vision, and wanted to be a part of it!

Our hope is to offer you a glimpse into our 3-day workshops at an affordable cost. We want you to come for an evening, learn from one another, and even make a few new friends before the night is over. It is our hope to open up a space of acceptance and encouragement for you to be able to relax and enjoy yourself. We have lots planned! Everything from active entertainment and summer games, to delicious food and a specialty cocktail. We even have thrown in a some awesome giveaways! We hope you'll come and be a part of this special night. We have dreamed this night up especially for you, and we can't wait to meet you!


TSOS Girls